CHIP-0015: Revolutionizing NFT Metadata with Integration on the Chia Blockchain

CHIP-0015: Revolutionizing NFT Metadata with Integration on the Chia Blockchain has always been at the forefront of innovation in the world of NFTs, constantly seeking new ways to empower creators and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the Chia blockchain. Our latest breakthrough comes in the form of CHIP-0015, a groundbreaking protocol that integrates standards to define any digital asset as an NFT.



The Need for Rich Metadata


When Chia first introduced the NFT1 standard (CHIP-0007), which is currently in use, it was based on the Ethereum schema. While this standard laid the foundation for NFTs on the Chia blockchain, it lacked the ability to include rich, detailed metadata that could unlock the full potential of NFTs.


Recognizing this limitation, Grig, one of the co-founders of, suggested adding a data attribute to the root of the standard’s schema. This visionary move, supported by Brandt, another co-founder, convinced Chia to include the data attribute, even though there was no specific use case for it at the time. This decision would later prove to be a game-changer in the evolution of NFTs on the Chia blockchain.





When searching for a way to expand the metadata capabilities of NFTs, turned to, a widely-recognized standard supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). offers an extensive scope of support for defining various types of digital assets, making it the perfect fit for our vision of rich, detailed NFT metadata.


However, during the process of integrating into our CHIP, we encountered a roadblock. A specific part of’s schema would have prohibited us from moving forward with our implementation. Undeterred, we discovered an existing issue on’s repository, dating back to November 2015, which addressed the missing “thumbnail” attribute in the MediaObject type.



Collaborating with


Determined to find a solution, Grig reached out to Dan Brickley, a key figure at, through Twitter on April 11, 2023. He presented our use case and the proposed changes, asking for their consideration in updating the standard.


As we waited for a response, Brandt added a message to the CHIP on April 29, 2023, stating, “Please note that this CHIP proposal is pending the next published release from (expected by end of May).” This transparency and open communication with the community showcased our commitment to collaboration and the advancement of NFT technology.


To our delight, Dan Brickley approved the change, and on May 20, 2023, the updated schema went live.’s validator now worked seamlessly with the schema we needed, paving the way for the formal authoring of CHIP-0015: NFT Metadata Extension.



The Birth of CHIP-0015


Brandt took the lead in authoring the formal CHIP-0015 proposal, with the initial commit made on May 22, 2023. After a period of refinement and community feedback, the CHIP was finalized on June 27, 2023.


The significance of CHIP-0015 cannot be overstated. By integrating standards, this protocol enhances the interoperability, composability, and functional capacity of NFTs. It establishes a comprehensive and prescriptive structure for all classes of content, encompassing a wide range of applications that were previously unsupported and anticipating future requirements in the evolving digital landscape.


CHIP-0015 enables the creation of NFTs with sophisticated integrations of various content types, including diverse file formats, logical frameworks, and an unlimited amount of assets and supplemental metadata. By leveraging decentralized storage systems like IPFS, any application can access the necessary data without the need for ownership or data storage.


The protocol’s use of’s SHA256 attribute ensures the verifiability of every URL reference, and since the NFT metadata file is also verifiable using the same hash checksum standards, all the data associated with an NFT can be validated.



A New Era of NFTs


With the implementation of CHIP-0015, NFTs on the Chia blockchain have entered a new era of possibilities. Applications can now access rich media types, such as videos and game assets, simply by parsing a single JSON file containing the NFT’s metadata.


The scope of is vast, covering a wide range of categories, from creative works to organizations, events, and more. This expansive coverage allows NFTs to represent virtually anything, unlocking countless opportunities for creators and developers alike.


As we look towards the future, CHIP-0015 can be recognized as an essential component in the architecture of a decentralized digital world. By empowering creators with the ability to define their NFTs in rich, detailed ways, and by ensuring interoperability and composability across applications, is driving the evolution of NFTs and shaping the future of digital ownership.


We invite you to explore the possibilities of CHIP-0015 and join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can unlock the true potential of NFTs and create a more vibrant, interconnected, and creator-centric digital ecosystem on the Chia blockchain.


Fusion is still very new, and we are interested in fostering projects in the Chia ecosystem with unique requirements.


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